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Welcome to our family tree!

Genealogy is a way we find out who we are by going back in time to those who lived before us. We try to find out who these people are and what they did in their lives while they lived. It is fun to go back in time. Some of the family names I am researching include: Lasell, Jones, Recor, Martin, Gale, Davis, Burnham, Griswold, Combs, Gullett, Conley, Rose, Ashline and Folsom.

I became interested in genealogy through my mother, who had a lot of information about her side of the family, and then through reading material from my father's side of the family I really became interested in researching the family trees. Then about 7 or 8 years ago my sister and I were fortunate to be able to make a trip to Hingham, Massachusetts to research my father's side of the family, the Lasell's and really found a lot of material through the help of Lynn Baxter Gordon, who worked for the town. This whetted my apetite to find out more. When I married my husband Haskell Combs, He became interested in researching the Combs Family, and we both found out a lot of information and found it fun as well. We have found cousins and relatives we never knew existed and made new contacts and became closer to family members. Genealogy is fun and helps us know who we came from and who we are.

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Haskell and Barbara Combs.

Click here for one of the best Genealogists researching the Rose family! This site has a search feature.

Acknowledgments to my daughter Heather Marie Rose for building this Webpage for me, to my husband Haskell Combs for his genealogy of the Combs Family, to Jana Lee Combs for her contribution to the genealogy to the Combs Family, to Patsy Berry for her contribution to the Gullett Family Genealogy, To Betty Jewell for her contribution to the Rose Family Genealogy, to my mother, Pollyanna Jones Lasell for her contribution to the Jones, Gale, Griswold, Davis, Burhnam Families, to the Late Mabel Lasell for the genealogy of the Lasell and Martin Families, to Addie Shields, for her help in trying to locate the Recor Family Genealogy, to Harry Folsom and also Edith Osgood and Esther Lasell for their help on the Folsom Family genealogy. I also want to thank the many people on the internet who have helped me in my search for various members of the different families, and to the many authors who wrote books on all these different families of my family tree.

I would like to thank some organizations that have helped me in finding my family roots such as the New England Historic Geneological Society, The Essex Society of Family History in England, the National Genealogical Society. The National Society of Genealogists, the Perry County Historical Society of Kentucky, the Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society, and the Roots Web, Ancestry, Cyndi's List and all the various internet genealogy sites on the family names.

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